AGM 2020

The 21st Annual  General  Meeting of the West Horsley Wheel of Care

will be held via Zoom on Thursday 29th October at 7.30pm






Thursday, 23rd May 2019 at 7.45pm at West Horsley Village Hall


Present: Gina Isaac President, Nicki Douet Committee Member, Amanda de Haast Honorary Chairman, Lucy Howe Committee Member, Janet Ingram Honorary Treasurer, Sue Mills Committee Member, Tanya Morgan Honorary Secretary, Julia Reardon Smith Committee Member, Jennifer Dane Committee Member



 The Chairman, Amanda de Haast, warmly welcomed all present to the twentieth Annual     General Meeting of The West Horsley Wheel of Care.


Apologies were received from: Becky Fraser, Shelley Baxter ,Mark Blowers, June Brocksom, Debbie Brown, Mike Brown, Sarah Christiansen, Helen Clare, Andy Cole, Janet Cook, Simon Creed, Clare Dawson, Jo Denham, Mies Drinkwater, Jo Earle, Julia Evans, Jodie Fearn, Des Finnan, Jane Francis, Dorothy Freeman, Scarlett Geen, Annie Gilbert, Kari Gillespie, Clare Graham Brown, Jon Gray, David Griffin, Jenny Grzinic, Carol Harrison, Steve Hartnell, Linda Heffer, Saskia Horst, Margaret Hughes, Heather Jordan, Jocelyn Kelly, Natasha Lock, Jo Lydon, Mary McAllister, Gillie McCourt, Tricia McDonald, Chris Mitchell, Linda Mitchell, Nicky Nicholas, Christopher Noon, Christine Noon, Evelyn Piall, Diana Piggott, Liz Pleasance, Judy Quick, Sarah Relf, Wendy Rumble, Janet Rushby, Mike Rushby, Lizzie Russell, Des Samson, Chris Scarlett, Elaine Scott, June Seabrook, Paul Simons, Bob Spackman, Cynthia Thorpe, Sandra Vermeulen, Caroline Warren, Carol Wilson and Judy Young.



These were approved, with all attendees in favour of the motion, and signed by the Chairman as a correct record.



There were no matters arising.



During this year we passed the milestone of 10,000 requests for help since we started in 2000 which is something to be proud of knowing that we have helped these people and made their lives a little bit easier. The number of requests remains in the high 900s for the year and as always we have said goodbye to some old clients and welcomed new ones. This year we have also welcomed visitors from “Send Help” to our Film Club and we hope this will continue.


Our four clubs continue to play an important role in preventing loneliness and isolation and we give thanks to the Methodist Church, the Wheelhouse and West Horsley Village Hall for the use of their excellent facilities.


Grace + Flavour continue to grow wonderful vegetables, herbs and flowers which our volunteers deliver to local residents. A request for help with either delivering Grace + Flavour boxes to clients or helping at one of the clubs was made. It was noted that rotas were not “set in stone” and it was always possible to swap if you have another commitment on any day.


Horsley Medical Centre have confirmed that they will extend their support to Neighbourhood Connections by taking appointments, offering an interview room and administrative backup in the form of insurance etc.


For GDPR reasons, it is important that data is kept up-to-date so a request to tell the Wheel of Care about any changes was made. Likewise, any concerns about any clients should be raised with a Committee Member.


West Horsley Evening WI held a well-attended “Link Together Tea” in January 2019, at which the Wheel of Care had a stand, to showcase all the organisations and clubs in the Horsleys and we hope that they will continue to do something similar in future years.


We will be at the West Horsley Village Fete on 14th September, where we hope to attract more volunteers and also more clients. Mention of our recent “Find a Friend” initiative was made and all volunteers were encouraged to ask friends and family if they could help in some way, not necessarily with driving. We really need more volunteers.


MailChimp was used to update you by e-mail with news and relevant information as this is quicker and cheaper than using Royal Mail. This also allows us to see who has opened and read the e-mails so please do read them because we are a little concerned that not as many as we should like are doing so.


The Chairman gave thanks to all members of the Committee, those who have been involved for a long time and also our newer members who work hard keeping everything running smoothly in so many ways.


In September 2019, two courses are being offered to all volunteers. The first is on 6th September and is a First Aid Course and the second is on 18th September and is a Driver Awareness Course. Details will be sent to volunteers nearer the time.


Next year we shall be celebrating our 20th Anniversary and will be marking the occasion in some small way so watch out for details and a “Save the Date”.



The Treasurer introduced the Presentation of Accounts and Financial Report for the year ended 31st March 2019 (copies tabled). The figures presented had been verified by Fran King, the independent examiner.


Income – as in previous years by far the major part of our income had come from the donation from The Joseph Strong Frazer Trust who kindly increased their donation this year and heartfelt thanks were expressed to the Trust for their invaluable support.  Without this support, we would not be able to fund all our activities from income alone. In addition, donations were received in memory of Anthea Wright who was much-missed and who had been an original volunteer and latterly a client as well. A donation was also received from the husband of one of our volunteers following a Golf Day and this sum was enhanced by reclaiming Gift Aid. Income from jobs done by volunteers increased quite substantially this year but income Movement to Music and Seated Dance fell somewhat. Film Club was much the same as previously and Scrabble was slightly lower. No reasons are obvious for these changes and it was probably just that numbers of clients fluctuated from week to week.  There was a slight increase in receipts from TheGivingMachine and the previously mentioned Gift Aid payment. Interest received from our deposit accounts was as last year.


Expenditure – a donation of £300 was made to St Mary’s Church in lieu of rent for the Wheelhouse and the monthly hire of a room at West Horsley Village Hall to allow the local Carers Support Group to meet totalled £125. Differences in expenditure for Music to Movement and Seated Dance were accounted for by when we are invoiced by the teacher and the hire of the Wesley Room for Scrabble Club and Film Club were also affected by when invoices were received from the Methodists. There had been a comparatively large increase in mileage costs, but overall our volunteers make far fewer claims for expenses than they are entitled to. Postage costs rose considerably because the Christmas volunteer mailing contained a number of extra items and had to go at the large letter rate rather than the normal second class. The big jump in telephone expenditure was due to the phone needing to be relocated in the Wheelhouse. Regarding advertising costs, as well as items mentioned in note three of the statement, we also had an advertisement in each issue of the HCPS magazine. The proposed purchase of the printer to go with the new computer was mentioned last year and was paid for with the remaining money from the legacy received in the previous financial year. A committee decision was made and we subsequently purchased our own wine glasses and tumblers rather than hiring them for events such as the AGM.


The drop in income was almost exactly accounted for by the £500 drop in Grants and Donations with the various pluses and minuses in generated income evening themselves out. Expenditure had increased by just £152, again some things cost a little more and some a little less. With the savings in our deposit accounts, we were in a very healthy position financially and appreciated how lucky that this was the case.


Asking for any questions from the floor, Jeremy Miles questioned if we might be better investing in Premium Bonds rather than letting the money sit in a deposit account and only attract £11 interest per annum. It was pointed out that as a charity, this was not an option for us because Premium Bonds had to be held in an individual’s name and this would not be permitted by The Charity Commission.


The accounts were adopted (proposed by Charles Hope, seconded by Nancy Tribe) with all attendees in favour of the motion. A vote of thanks was given to Fran King who provides invaluable assistance by examining the accounts and who was always available for advice.



Following the format of the previous years, instead of reading reports at the meeting, a document containing short reports was circulated covering (i) a report by the Secretary; (ii) Analysis & Monitoring; (iii) Publicity; (iv) Scrabble Club; (v) Film Club; (vi) Movement to Music; and (vii) Seated Dance and (viii) Rotas.



The President presided over the election of the Executive Committee for the forthcoming year and explained that, under the terms of the Constitution, all members of the Executive Committee were required to stand down every year. The officers and members of the Executive Committee all stood down and Tanya Morgan reported that duly completed nominations had been received for Amanda de Haast, Janet Ingram, Tanya Morgan, Jennifer Dane, Nicki Douet, Becky Fraser, Lucy Howe, Sue Mills and Julia Reardon Smith. The Honorary Chairman (Amanda de Haast), Honorary Treasurer (Janet Ingram) and Honorary Secretary (Tanya Morgan) as well as the Committee Members (Jennifer Dane, Nicki Douet, Becky Fraser, Lucy Howe, Sue Mills and Julia Reardon Smith) were elected en bloc by a show of hands. There were no votes against any of the nominations.


On behalf of all volunteers, Gina Isaac thanked the Wheel of Care Committee for all their hard work.



i) No items of Any Other Business had been submitted in advance by any volunteers (as requested when the agenda was circulated), as a result of which there was nothing to consider.


ii) The Chairman had small gifts for (i) Fran King in her official capacity as Honorary Independent Examiner; (ii Evelyn Piall who had recently stepped down as a Duty Officer, having been one of the original volunteers, although she would remain as a Reserve Duty Officer.


iii) A question from the floor from Clive Stewart mentioned that the donations from clients seemed so small when the client was only travelling one way but the driver had to do the journey both ways. Janet Ingram confirmed our willingness to reimburse all the volunteers expenses but explained that with our very healthy financial position we could not justify raising our charges at the present time. It was noted that it would be preferable to have small regular increases rather than a large increase after a prolonged period.


iv) PC Steve Milford, Casualty Reduction Officer for Surrey Police, gave a short talk of guidance to all volunteers. Most accidents and injuries are caused by either speeding, not wearing seatbelts, using a mobile phone whilst driving or drink/drug driving. A most useful exercise by the police recently had been a SpeedWatch incentive in which schoolchildren participated with the police to discuss with motorists stopped by the police, how they thought their speed/behaviour would affect the child if an accident had occurred at that speed. It was then pointed out the importance of taking into consideration the prevailing weather conditions and the conditions of the roads when carrying passengers. 


As part of his role as a Police Driving Assessor, PC Milford is required to ensure that all police vehicles have undergone the basic vehicle checks on a very regular basis. These include checking petrol, oil, water, brake fluid, coolant and screen wash fluid levels. It was also a good idea to check your vehicle for damage to the bodywork especially after a stay in a car park. The lights and all electrics in the car should be checked before carrying passengers as should the tyres, tyre pressures and wiper blades. Last but not least make sure that you are feeling well enough to do a journey carrying passengers, if not ask someone else to do the job. Please bear in mind that if you have been drinking the night before, it was still possible that the alcohol could still be in your system and you could be guilty of driving whilst under the influence if breathalysed.


PC Milford asked if the garage tyre pressure systems were held accountable to any standards as she had been to a number of garages and each of them gave a different tyre pressure reading – apparently not. PC Milford suggested that people could always buy their own pressure gauges to carry out their checks at home. It was noted that the pressure on cold tyres would differ from the pressure reading when the tyres were hot.


It was also suggested that it is not a good idea to double lock your doors whilst undertaking a journey as if you were in a collision, the emergency services would not be able to open the doors without damaging them.


The eyesight requirement is 20 metres and if you have at any time informed DVLA of your need to wear either glasses or contact lenses to achieve this, it is recorded in column 12 of your driving licence. Therefore if you are stopped by the police and you are not wearing the said glasses or contact lenses, you would be guilty of an offence.


The Chairman concluded by thanking PC Milford for his interesting talk and presented him with some wine as a token of our thanks. The Chairman continued by thanking all present for attending, renewed her thanks to all Wheel of Care volunteers for their commitment and asked everyone to consider whether they had any scope for helping the Wheel of Care in any additional way. People were requested to stay, chat and eat. The meeting was declared closed at 8.45pm.




It has crossed my mind that there must be thousands of 2020 AGM reports that include the words strange, unprecedented, difficult, bleak and challenging in the first paragraph and then within the second paragraph reference is made to benefits of new technology, Zoom, Microsoft Team and other inter-face platforms – I will try not be one of them. 


BC (Before Covid). We had a good year!  Not as many jobs requests as previously but still a respectable number. Further details can be found in the Short Reports.  Our number of volunteers remains steady and we are so grateful for their continuing support, care and dedication.  We are currently down about 37% as many of our volunteers have isolated/opted out and that could have had a serious impact bar for the fact that our job requests have dropped dramatically as well. 


In this past year we were delighted to be able to contribute to the 2nd edition of the Living and Ageing Well in the Horsleys, an important local initiative which was delivered to every household.  We bought a display banner which had its first outing at the West Horsley Village Fete in early September.  This was a very successful day: glorious weather encouraged many people to attend and we gained five new volunteers, as well as the opportunity to chat to many of our clients and friends.  We have continued to have strong links with Neighbourhood Connections and this year we again supported Grace + Flavour by delivering 372 (compostable) bags of fresh produce to 36 houses over an 11 week period helped by 33 volunteers.  This is another wonderful local initiative. 


A key element to the Wheel is our brilliant team of Duty Officers who every four weeks man the phone and match requests with volunteers and so much more.  It is a very rewarding job done from the comfort of your own home and if it something that is of interest please phone us or contact us via the website.  Sadly the committee said goodbye to Julia Reardon Smith as she stepped down after twelve years but are delighted she remains as a volunteer driver and Duty Officer.  She has been a lynch pin to the success of the Wheel and we are very grateful for all her hard work, enthusiasm and attention to detail!  Recently Sue Mills also stepped down.  Sue was one of the original members and has been a wonderful supporter taking on a variety of roles.  Thankfully she too remains as a Duty Officer for the moment. 


CC (current Covid). We have been working hard to make sure our clients are coping with the current situation.  Straight after lockdown was announced the committee phoned every client and checked on how they were doing, what they had in place by way of support and whether they would like a telephone buddy to contact them weekly or less frequently.  It was wonderful to hear how family, friends and neighbours were rallying to help them and continue to do so. Updated risk assessments have been put in place and Covid-19 guidelines sent out to all our volunteers.  Both Vicki Turton at Surrey Community Action and Laura Dunham at Voluntary Action South West Surrey have kept us well informed with advice and guidelines on how best we can operate in this ever changing environment, even supplying us with facemasks when supplies were difficult.


Sadly we had to cancel all our clubs at the start of lockdown but hope to start Seated Dance again in early November though this time with limited numbers and strict protocols in place. We are very grateful to St Mary’s Wheelhouse, the Methodist’s Wesley Room and West Horsley Village Hall for being the venues to our clubs and we hope we will soon be able to return to all of them.  


We were also sad to say goodbye to Gina Isaac as she moved to Hampshire in early October to be closer to her family.  Gina started the West Horsley Wheel of Care in 2000 and this year we had hoped to celebrate with a tea party at West Horsley Place. Our plans now are to celebrate our 21st next year instead!  Gina will remain in contact and we are delighted she has accepted the title of ‘Founding President’. 


Finally my thanks to the committee for all their continuing help this year.  They have been working hard to make sure the Wheel operates to the best of its capabilities and I am very grateful for their support.  They have embraced Zoom meetings much to their amazement and see the benefits in meetings taking less time (less chat!).  


None can foresee what the coming year will bring however be assured the West Horsley Wheel of Care will continue to do its best to  


meet the needs of the local residents of all ages, enabling them to  

lead independent, fuller and richer lives whilst preventing social isolation" 

 - even during a Covid-19 pandemic (Government guidelines permitting). 


Thank you. 

Amanda de Haast 

Chairman, West Horsley Wheel of Care 



Presented by Janet Ingram                                                  12 months ending 31st March 2020 


I would like to present the Financial Statement for the year to 31st March 2020.  These figures have been verified by Fran King, our independent examiner.  Figures for the year under review are in the right-hand column, with those for the previous year on the left for comparison. 


INCOME: I would like to start with a few points about our income, beginning with Grants & Donations.  This figure is down substantially this year, as we received a lower grant from the Joseph Strong Fraser Trust.  The Wheel has received generous grants from the Trust for many years, for which we are very grateful and without which we would not be able to run all our loss-making clubs.  However with such good reserves in our savings accounts, we felt in a position to agree a lesser amount this time.  The Wheel also received donations made in memory of two of our clients, Pat Walsh and Godfrey Turner.  We very much appreciate being chosen to benefit in this way.  Income from jobs was down slightly, as was that from Music & Movement and Seated Dance.  Film Club receipts increased by almost £100 and Scrabble by a few pounds.  Giving Machine was down quite a bit and we had no Gift Aid income this year.  Deposit account interest was up slightly, as we were able to transfer some money from current account to reserves. 


EXPENDITURE:  As in previous years, the Donations & Welfare figure includes £300 paid to St Mary’s Church for use of the Wheelhouse and the payment of hire costs at West Horsley Village Hall for the Carers’ Support Group.  This year we also made a payment of £395 to East Horsley Parish Council to enable the publication of the information booklet “Living & Ageing Well in the Horsleys”.  Differences in figures from year to year for our four clubs are due to the timings of payments made for hall hire charges and Natasha Lock’s fees.   £200 was spent this year to run a driving course for volunteers, hence the increase in that figure.  There was a large drop in Volunteer Mileage expenses this time.  I cannot account for this other than that there were fewer claims.  I would also point out that the previous year’s mileage cost was particularly high.  Telephone charges are back to a normal level, as last year included a charge for moving the phone to a new position at the Wheelhouse.  Advertising costs include entries in the Horsley Directory and the HCPS magazine.  We also purchased a Wheel of Care banner for use at fetes and Village Days at a cost of £106.  £119 was spent on a wheelchair as a replacement for one used at St Mary’s Church. 


GENERAL: As mentioned in the points under Income, the large drop in receipts this year is almost entirely due to the lower grant received.  Although payments were also down this year, we have ended the year to 31St March 2020 with a small deficit of £291.  Your Committee knew this might be the outcome of the smaller grant but felt that with almost £13,000 on deposit we could afford to take this course of action.  Financially we remain in an extremely healthy position and are very fortunate to have these reserves if ever needed.           





1  Secretary’s Report 

Since the last AGM, the Executive Committee has met 4 times.  At the July meeting 3 members were absent, at the October meeting memberwere absent, at the January 2020 meeting all Committee Members were present and at the last Meeting all members were present.  During this last year we have welcomed Sarah Christianson to our committee. 


2  Analysis & Monitoring (covering 1st April 2019-31st March 2020) 

Number of jobs 

Another consistent year although the total number of jobs has fallen a little to 910 compared to 976 reported at last year’s AGM.  A small proportion of this will have been due to the impact of the COVID-19 lockdown in March 2020 when the number of job requests dropped off sharply. 


Type of jobs 

89% of all jobs (810) were called in by clients and arranged by Duty Officers and 11% (100) were jobs where clients have a rota set up for them.  Last year’s figures were 93.5% and 6.5% but this is to be expected due to a couple of new rotas having been set up.  Since lockdown, all rotas have been suspended. 



The Village continues to be the most popular destination, accounting for about 23% of all journeys with the Medical Centre being the next most popular destination (22%).  Last year, these percentages were 34% and 19% so there has been a small change here.  One destination which has become increasingly popular over the last couple of years is Cobham and we carried out 105 trips there (11.5%).  A total of 29 different destinations are monitored to try and identify patterns/changes etc. 



- 12 have joined since last year’s AGM and 8 have left for different reasons. 

- 140 registered volunteers of whom 124 are drivers.  Currently, 45 of the driving

   volunteers have opted out due to COVID-19. 


3  Publicity 

- All posters in and around East and West Horsley usually promoting the various clubs    on offer are currently not being displayed as all clubs have been suspended for the      foreseeable future.   


- Advertisements detailing the clubs in both the Horsley Directory and the HCPS   “Around and About Horsley” magazine are ongoing but with a “clubs currently

  cancelled” notice. 


- Newsletters have been sent out to clients and volunteers twice a year as usual. 


4  Scrabble Club 

Currently closed as per government guidelines.  Up to March it was enjoyed by a small core of regular players of mixed standards enjoying friendly play. 


5  Film Club 

Film Club was enjoyed on the second Monday of every month up to lockdown in March 2020.  Recent films have included  Edie in January, Yesterday in February and Stan and Ollie in March.  Numbers were generally good sometimes up to 16 and everyone seemed to enjoy both the films and the tea and cake afterwards. A small group from Send Help joined us.  


6  Movement to Music 

Movement to Music is still very popular.  We have had up to 14 ladies attend but, on average, we get 7 or 8.  The class is followed by tea, biscuits and chat.  The exercises are gentle set to some lively and tuneful music. Unfortunately we had to cease this activity due to Covid 19 lockdown in March. 


7  Seated Dance 

This continues to be very popular and is much enjoyed by all those taking part.  Everyone comes quite early to enjoy tea/coffee & biscuits and have a great chat.  Numbers have held up well and we have welcomed several new members.  There is strong feeling that the exercises are really beneficial and worthwhile.  During the year, Natasha, our professional leader, makes the mornings fun but also demanding as the exercises change quite frequently which challenges the brain as well as the body … a surprisingly good work out is had by all! This club also had to be closed in March according to Covid-19 lockdown but we are hoping to restart this club in November in a socially distance format, following all the Covid 19 safety guidelines. 


8  Rotas 

There were a number of rotas in place over the year; some for shopping, one to provide companionship for an hour or so a week and a slightly more challenging one transporting a couple with various disabilities to a Guildford meeting group fortnightly. All were operating successfully before Covid-19.  


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