AGM 2021

The 22nd Annual General Meeting of the West Horsley Wheel of Care

will be held via Zoom on Thursday 27th May at 7.30pm



1          Chairman’s Welcome and Apologies for Absence

2          Minutes of the Twenty first AGM (29th October 2020, see below)

3          Matters Arising

4          Chairman’s Report – Mrs Amanda de Haast

5          Financial Report and Presentation of Accounts

Formal Adoption of Accounts (copies previously circulated)

Honorary Independent Examiner – Vote of Thanks to Miss Fran King

6          Additional Short Reports (see below)

7       Election of Honorary Officers (i.e. Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary) and up to eight members of the Executive Committee for 2021 – 2022.


Note:  In accordance with the Constitution, the following were elected at the 2020 AGM: Amanda de Haast (Chairman), Janet Ingram (Treasurer), Tanya Morgan (Secretary) and Nicki Douet, Becky Fraser, Jennifer Dane, and Lucy Howe, Heather Jordan, Sarah Christiansen (Committee Members). Mark Blowers was op-ted on January 14th 2021.  The following Officers and Committee Members now offer themselves for re-election: Amanda de Haast, Tanya Morgan, Jennifer Dane, Nicki Douet, Becky Fraser, Lucy Howe, Sarah Christiansen and Mark Blowers and all have been duly nominated.


In accordance with the Constitution, further nominations are invited from members, using the form below, to be received by the Secretary by 25th May 2021.


8          Any other business, as notified in advance






Thursday, 29th October 2020 at 7.30pm via Zoom


Present: Amanda de Haast, Honorary Chairman, Janet Ingram, Honorary Treasurer, Rebecca Fraser, Committee Member, Jennifer Dane, Committee Member, Nicki Douet, Committee Member, Lucy Howe, Committee Member, Sarah Christiansen, Committee Member and Heather Jordan, Committee Member.



The Chairman, Amanda de Haast, warmly welcomed all present to the twenty first Annual General Meeting of The West Horsley Wheel of Care. As there were a few technical difficulties, the meeting started at 8.10.


Apologies were received from: Clare Graham Brown, Des Samson, Bob Spackman, Heather Spackman, Fiona Armitage Tanya Morgan, Moira Tailby and Gina Isaac.



These were approved, with all attendees in favour of the motion, and signed by the Chairman as a correct record.



There were no matters arising.



Amanda said that she had spoken to Gina Isaac today and was pleased to report that her move had gone extremely well and she is feeling very much at home. Gina sends her regards to all and hopes to see everyone at the 21st birthday party next year.


It was sad to hear that East Horsley Care has had to close. Vicki Turton at Surrey Community Action has reported that a number of schemes in Surrey have had to close, some temporarily but some permanently so we are extremely grateful to our volunteers who are able to continue supporting the Wheel.


Amanda mentioned the telephone buddy system which has been a great success during the Covid- 19 restrictions and thanked all volunteers who have come forward to be buddies so far. She said she knows of a number of new friendships that have been forged.



The Treasurer introduced the Presentation of Accounts and Financial Report for the year ended 31st March 2020 (copies tabled).  The figures presented had been verified by Fran King, the independent examiner.


Income – as in previous years part of our income has come from the donation from The Joseph Strong Frazer Trust who kindly made a donation this year but of a smaller amount as we had a good cushion in our savings and heartfelt thanks were expressed to the Trust for their invaluable support


Expenditure –There were one or two capital expenditure items, namely a donation towards the publication costs of “Living and Ageing well in the Horsleys” and a wheelchair.


The drop in income was as a result of our decision not to request donations for jobs done up to the beginning of September due to Covid 19 and the request for a smaller donation from the Joseph Strong Fraser Trust resulting in a small overall loss on the year’s accounts, as expected.


Amanda thanked Janet for presenting her penultimate set of accounts and said that she was delighted to announce that Mark Blowers had kindly agreed to take over as Treasurer next year.


Janet thanked Fran King for her continued support and invaluable assistance by examining the accounts.


The accounts were adopted (proposed by Julia Reardon Smith, seconded by Stephanie Henderson) with all attendees in favour of the motion.



i  Secretary’s Report

Since the last AGM, the Executive Committee has met 4   times.  At the July meeting 3 members were absent, at the October meeting 2 members  were absent, at the January 2020 meeting all Committee Members were present and at the last meeting all  members were present.  During this last year we have welcomed Sarah Christianson to our committee.


ii  Analysis & Monitoring (covering 1st April 2019-31st March 2020)

  • Number of jobs

Another consistent year although the total number of jobs has fallen a little to 910 compared to 976 reported at last year’s AGM.  A small proportion of this will have been due to the impact of the COVID-19 lockdown in March 2020 when the number of job requests dropped off sharply.


  • Type of jobs

89% of all jobs (810) were called in by clients and arranged by Duty Officers and 11% (100) were jobs where clients have a rota set up for them.  Last year’s figures were 93.5% and 6.5% but this is to be expected due to a couple of new rotas having been set up.  Since lockdown, all rotas have been suspended.


  • Destinations

The Village continues to be the most popular destination, accounting for about 23% of all journeys with the Medical Centre being the next most popular destination (22%).  Last year, these percentages were 34% and 19% so there has been a small change here.  One destination which has become increasingly popular over the last couple of years is Cobham and we carried out 105 trips there (11.5%).  A total of 29 different destinations are monitored to try and identify patterns/changes etc.


  • Volunteers

12 have joined since last year’s AGM and 8 have left for different reasons.

140 registered volunteers of whom 124 are drivers.  Currently, 45 of the driving volunteers have opted out due to COVID-19.


iii  Publicity

  • All posters in and around East and West Horsley usually promoting the various clubs on offer are currently not being displayed as all clubs have been suspended for the foreseeable future. 
  • Advertisements detailing the clubs in both the Horsley Directory and the HCPS “Around and About Horsley” magazine are ongoing but with a “clubs currently cancelled” notice.
  • Newsletters have been sent out to clients and volunteers twice a year as usual.

iv  Scrabble Club

Currently closed as per government guidelines.  Up to March it was enjoyed by a small core of regular players of mixed standards enjoying friendly play.


v  Film Club

Film Club was enjoyed on the second Monday of every month up to lockdown in March 2020.  Recent films have included “Edie” in January, “Yesterday” in February and “Stan and Ollie” in March.  Numbers were generally good, sometimes up to 16 and everyone seemed to enjoy both the films and the tea and cake afterwards.  A small group from Send Help joined us.


vi  Movement to Music

Movement to Music is still very popular.  We have had up to 14 ladies attend but, on average, we get 7 or 8.  The class is followed by tea, biscuits and chat.  The exercises are gentle set to some lively and tuneful music. Unfortunately we had to cease this activity due to Covid 19 lockdown in March.


vii  Seated Dance

This continues to be very popular and is much enjoyed by all those taking part.  Everyone comes quite early to enjoy tea/coffee & biscuits and have a great chat.  Numbers have held up well and we have welcomed several new members.  There is strong feeling that the exercises are really beneficial and worthwhile.  During the year, Natasha, our professional leader, makes the mornings fun but also demanding as the exercises change quite frequently which challenges the brain as well as the body … a surprisingly good work out is had by all! This club also had to be closed in March according to Covid 19 lockdown but we are hoping to restart this club in November in a socially distance format, following all the Covid 19 safety guidelines.


viii  Rotas

There were a number of rotas in place over the year; some for shopping, one to provide companionship for an hour or so a week and a slightly more challenging one transporting a couple with various disabilities to a Guildford meeting group fortnightly.  All were operating successfully before Covid-19.



Julia Reardon Smith was asked to preside over the election of the Executive Committee for the forthcoming year and explained that, under the terms of the Constitution, all members of the Executive Committee were required to stand down every year.  The officers and members of the Executive Committee all stood down and Tanya Morgan reported that duly completed nominations had been received for Amanda de Haast, Janet Ingram, Tanya Morgan, Jennifer Dane, Nicki Douet, Becky Fraser, Lucy Howe, Sarah Christiansen and Heather Jordan..  The Honorary Chairman (Amanda de Haast), Honorary Treasurer (Janet Ingram) and Honorary Secretary (Tanya Morgan) as well as the Committee Members (Jennifer Dane, Nicki Douet, Becky Fraser, Lucy Howe, Sarah Christiansen and Heather Jordan were elected en bloc by a show of hands.  There were no votes against any of the nominations.


Julia Reardon Smith extended a vote of thanks on behalf of all the volunteers and clients to the Committee for all the hard work that they do and in particular Amanda for her leadership especially in these difficult times.




No items of Any Other Business had been submitted in advance by any volunteers (as requested when the agenda was circulated), as a result of which there was nothing to consider.



The Chairman concluded by thanking all present for ‘attending’ this Zoom AGM and hoped it would be the last to be held using this medium. She renewed her thanks to all Wheel of Care volunteers for their commitment. Their support during these difficult times was even more important to the residents of West Horsley.


The meeting was declared closed at 8.30pm.


2021 Chairman's Report


Another year, another Zoom AGM!  One could get used to holding meetings this way.  It's quite comfortable sitting here in my own home, nobody knowing I am wearing my slippers instead of smart shoes but that is where it ends.  I think we are all looking forward to hugging a friend, or being part of a large audience at the theatre or concert.


So what has happened since the AGM in October last year?  If I tell you that we have done 76  jobs since that meeting, compared to 398 for the same period in 2019/2020 you could say not a lot.  But we have been busy.


Though very quiet we have manned the phone each day and we are so grateful to our Duty Officers who make themselves available to take on this vital role.  They are the lynchpin to the success of the Wheel and the first point of contact for our clients.  In fact we recruited two new members this year, Elaine and Judy, so welcome to them.  And of course we would be nothing without the support of our wonderful volunteers.  Many, for very obvious reasons, have decided this past year to opt out of driving clients and it is lovely to hear that the majority are now returning to volunteering, having had vaccinations and the restrictions easing.  Our Covid protocols are still in place and, for the moment, will remain so for everyone’s peace of mind.

Our thanks must go to Vicki Turton at Surrey Community Action.  She has kept us informed of any changes we should be aware of and has offered support with the supply of masks, gloves and santiser.  We attended a zoom meeting in November that she held for local schemes and though a good number had had to shut down ( East Horsley Care being one of them) others continued to make themselves available.


Articles about the Wheel of Care have appeared in the HCPS ‘Around & About Horsleys’ magazine (Winter edition) and in the St Mary’s Church Easter Magazine.  That was delivered to over 1100 households in the village and we are grateful to Phil and the team for allowing us to include one of our flyers in each magazine.  This represents great coverage at no cost.

It was lovely to receive offers of help at Christmas with some offering to take Christmas meals to clients – sadly the very late Tier 4 ruling meant that some tables were seriously over-catered for, however family, friends and neighbours had all rallied round and no meals were required. And again this family and community support was evident with the vaccination programme.  I believe we only took one client for their vaccination, as clients were scooped up for this life changing appointment.


Back in January we were contacted by Surrey County Council, acting for Dept for Health and Social Care, and all our volunteers were offered early vaccinations regardless of age.  In the end nearly 40 volunteers took up this offer and I believe all have received their second jab now.


Janet Ingram, our Treasurer, after 12 years in the role, is stepping down this evening.  She has been a most valuable member of the team, keeping the books and ourselves in order and safe (she also looks after the insurance) and we will miss her very much, but only at committee meetings as she will remaining a volunteer for the moment.  Mark Blowers is taking over from her and one of his first tasks is to register us for online banking so in future any expense claims will be made by bank transfer.


The second 21st century addition will be the trial of the WhatsApp group messaging.  We are very grateful to those of you who have agreed to this form of group communication.  It should make life much easier for our Duty Officers in trying to fill job requests.  We are all busy people and it has become very hit and miss catching people at home answering the landline.  But be assured we will still be calling you if that is your preferred means of communication.  The WhatsApp is only a additional tool and not a replacement.


Finally I would like to announce that this will be my final AGM as Chairman and that I will be stepping down from the role in October this year.  I will remain as a volunteer and Duty Officer. I have thoroughly enjoyed my 8 years in the role but feel it is now time to step aside.


I am delighted to say that Elaine Best will be taking over from me.  Elaine, many of you will know, is the Chairman of our Parish Council.  She has recently joined the Wheel and is one of our Duty Officers.  She has vast experience in the NHS and was chief executive of the East Surrey Primary Care Trust before her recent retirement.  I am very confident I will be leaving the Wheel in very caring and capable hands.


And of course, she has an excellent committee to help her.  I am so grateful for the help and support they give the Wheel and working with them has been such a pleasure.  I will miss our meetings but not the preparation that goes with them!  They are all very hard working members and must be graciously thanked for their care and commitment.  Thank you.


I wish Elaine and her committee well and do hope that soon The Wheel will be back to its regular levels of calls and enquiries.  We do not enjoy sitting here in silence but want help where we can.


Thank you. 

Amanda de Haast 

Chairman, West Horsley Wheel of Care 

2021 Treasurer's Report


Presented by Janet Ingram                            12 months ending 31st March 2021


I would like to present the Financial Statement for the year to 31st March 2021.  These figures have been verified by Fran King, our independent examiner.  Figures for the year under review are in the right-hand column, with those for the previous year on the left for comparison.


INCOME:  The year was exceptional in every way and as a result our income was very low.  We did not charge for any jobs undertaken during the first part of the year.  From September onwards the numbers were low, with almost nothing from January to March.   Film Club, Scrabble Club and Music & Movement did not take place at all and there were just two weeks of Seated Dance in early December.  Receipts from The Giving Machine and Amazon Giving amounted to nearly £200.  As in the past, the Joseph Strong Fraser Trust supported the Wheel with a very welcome donation of £1000, for which we were extremely grateful.  We also had to transfer £1000 from deposit to our current account to cover some outgoings.


EXPENDITURE:  Despite having little income, there are still a number of payments that have to be made.  These include insurance, BT bills for the Wheel telephone and postage & stationery costs for the Christmas and AGM Newsletters.  The payment figures for the Scrabble and Film clubs were for the hire of the Methodist Hall and were invoiced to us in arrears for the year to December 2019.  There are also some additional items of expenditure noted at the bottom of the Financial Statement.


GENERAL:  Last year I commented how fortunate we were to have substantial reserves.  I certainly did not foresee how soon we would have to call on them.  Nevertheless, despite this unprecedented year, we do still have good reserves and I am confident that the finances of the Wheel of Care remain sound.

Wheel of Care accounts to 31.3.2021
Wheel of Care Accs 20.21.jpg
JPG image [184.0 KB]

2021 Short Reports


1     Secretary’s Report

Since the last AGM, the Executive Committee has met 4 times.  At the July meeting 2 members were absent, at the October meeting 2 members were absent, at the January 2021 meeting 2 members were absent and at the last meeting all  members were present.  During this last year we have welcomed Mark Blowers to our committee.  Sadly Heather Jordan stood down from committee in April 2021.  She has been thanked for her support and contribution during her tenure.


2     Analysis & Monitoring (covering 1st April 2020 - 31st March 2021)

  • Number of jobs. Total of 234 jobs done over twelve month period as compared to 910 over previous period.
  • Type of jobs. All rotas suspended. All calls phoned in by client.
  • Destinations Similar pattern – most requested job was to Village (38%), and Surgery (24%) second. Jobs requests have decreased rapidly this year falling to only 6 requests in March 2021
  • Volunteers
  • Since December we have had six new volunteers join the Wheel of Care, two of whom have also become Duty Officers. Due to Covid restrictions, DBS checks have been done online, which although this costs the Wheel a bit more money per check, it has been a very efficient service with people receiving their certificates within a week of their online approval. All the new volunteers are very keen to drive for the Wheel and I am sure they will be kept very busy once life returns to normal. We are always looking for new volunteers, so if you know anyone who might be interested please ask them to get in touch with Sarah Christiansen our Membership Secretary.

3     Publicity

Advertisements and posters promoting our clubs have been suspended for the time being with a view to restarting these when the clubs are up and running once more.


4     Scrabble Club

Sadly, there have been no meetings of Scrabble Club since March last year.  We continue to monitor the situation and will advertise as soon as we know when we are able to re-start, hopefully in September.


5     Film Club

Sadly, there have been no meetings of Film Club since March 2020.  We continue to monitor the situation and will advertise as soon as we know when we are able to restart.


6     Movement to Music (now renamed Seated Exercise)

There were no Movement to Music classes held since March 2020 but we have now reopened this class.


7     Seated Dance

Classes resumed for three weeks in November and December last year, though restricted to maximum of 8 people, with no refreshments served and strict guidelines in place.  It started again on Wednesday 19th May, again with restricted numbers.  All clients on the register, and who have attended Seated Dance, were phoned and advised that the class was operating again.  It is planned to return to being open to all, with refreshments offered from 23rd June 2021.  The class has been renamed Seated Exercise, hopefully giving it a wider appeal.


8     Rotas

There have been no rotas since March 2020.  There has recently been interest in setting up three rotas in the next month or so (2 driving jobs on Tuesday mornings and Wednesday mornings and a sitting job anytime on Mondays).  Also once the clubs start again we will need volunteers to help.


Wheel of Care Press Release 02.06.15.pdf
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